The Regulatory and Environment team conducts liability assessments and provides direction for projects of any scale with innovative, cost-effective solutions for end-of-life closure operations for oil and gas assets. We work collaboratively with Operations and Engineering to ensure smooth transactions and complete data submissions. Our team operates closely with local stakeholders and regulatory bodies to employ strategic, practical plans to balance local customs, wildlife, and traditional lands in restoring the environment. Safety, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder engagement are held in the highest regard to ensure projects are completed to expectation, on time, and on budget.

Our team has the expertise to support third-party consultation and communication with landowners, regulatory agencies, and industry consultants.


The Regulatory team can assist with permission requests and all regulatory applications for specific jurisdictions. Lifecycle management techniques can be employed to ensure regulatory compliance and timely requests for authorizations. Audits and other coordinated reviews can be performed to support accountability and compliance.

We offer services for OneStop and DDS for conventional and unconventional wells, facilities, and pipelines including:

    • Licensing
    • Scheme applications
    • Disposal applications
    • Amendments
    • Abandonments
    • Reclamation


    • Due diligence assessment of wells, surface leases, pipelines, facilities
    • Historical spills, releases, and clean-up on legacy sites
    • Review of Corporate well files and submissions
    • Program planning, field operations, and contractor management
    • Strategic planning and management of Government closure grants


    • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
    • Groundwater and Soil Tier I & II criteria and monitoring
    • Site Specific Liability Assessments (SSLAs) for facilities
    • Phase 3 Risk Assessments and Remediation
    • Vegetation restoration and monitoring
    • Detailed Site Assessments (DSAs)
    • Reclamation certificate application