BJT Energy Resource Management’s products and technology provide optimal solutions to producers for costly, unresolved issues pertaining to environmental awareness and the economy of today’s oil and gas industry. We provide environmentally safe, highly effective products and technology for the future of energy.

Thermo-Setting Technology for Well Integrity, Drilling Efficiency & Production Enhancement Challenges

BJT SelectSeal is a formulation of non-toxic, inorganic powders that, when mixed with water, provide a controlled “right-angle set” with rapid compressive strength generation in downhole conditions. The time from mixing the slurry to the “right-angle set” can be engineered within minutes as desired with zero gel strength generation between the fluid and set states.​ ​

A More Cost-Effective, Safe and Effective Option

We offer proven bio-based solutions that work to address production issues involving paraffin, bitumen, wax, and asphaltene restrictions in oil and gas wells, flowlines, and facilities... with 100% plant-based materials. BJT provides innovative solutions to clients with oil and gas production and formation inflow restrictions, utilizing environmentally safe products and a unique delivery method.

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